Spring seems to have graced us with it’s presence, which means, it’s time to go OUTSIDE! We wanted to gather a few low maintenance yard and curb appeal tips to pass along, whether you’re preparing your home for sale, or for your own (and your neighbour’s) viewing pleasure!


  • Weeding at the right time; after it rains so they’re easier to pull
  • Get rid of and avoid “needy” plants – if it hasn’t bloomed in a couple of years or consistently needs attention
  • Prune; any ornamental grasses, shrubs and hedges
  • Add some mulch; 2 – 3 inches, over any exposed soil to keep weeds at bay and reduce the amount of water needed



  • Get the right tools; Gloves, pruner, shovel, rake, hand trowel, watering can, and soil
  • Pick the right plants to start with as they differ on when they can be planted and some can even be started inside – it’s always a great idea to get advice from a local nursery.  Pro-Tip: avoid plants that have the word “weed” in the name
  • Put them in the right place; not all plants like the same climate; some need lots of sun and others prefer the shade
  • Fertilize the lawn; around May 1st, if/when the lawn is starting to green, and again when it’s in a growth phase at the beginning of July to keep it luscious and green

If you have minimal or no yard space; try adding a couple of planters at the entry, or even hanging balcony planters to add some colour and freshness!

Beyond these quick and easy tips, adding landscaping, vegetable gardens, and ornamental structures can all be great ways to enhance and beautify your outdoor space; just make sure to keep it cohesive and manageable.  Unless you’re hiring someone to take care of it for you, then go wild!


Happy Spring,

The McHardy Team